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Overall Story Information Empty Overall Story Information

Post  Mytzie Sun Oct 30, 2011 11:54 pm

Nearly seven centuries ago, the world's greatest fear became reality when a devastating nuclear war wiped out nearly all life forms on the planet. Only a small amount of humans scattered about Eurasia survived and were thus left the task of repopulating the planet and rebuilding society. Due to the trace amounts of radioactive material left over from the war, a genetic mutation began to occur; one that would gift them with abilities once only thought to be imaginable in one's wildest fantasies. At first, very few of the humans left in the lands carried this rare strand of DNA but over time, as the new city of Evalin rose to power, the strand spread across the newly repopulated area. Soon, differences among those effected by the mutated strand became more and more apparent and as with most societies, these differences created a caste system, which in turn created prejudice and resentment between the newly founded classes.

Those fortunate enough to be placed at the top took advantage of their power, spurring the creation of the Church of Dactin: a group dedicated to upholding the purity of the aristocracy in the name of their god, Dactin. They seek to destroy the lower ranks of society in the hopes of creating a utopia where their people can live alongside Dactin in prosperity. To achieve this, they go to extreme lengths such as genocide and genetic engineering. For a hefty price, one could seek console from the church and receive a painful treatment that makes it possible to purify one's "tainted blood" by stabilizing and/or altering their abilities entirely. However, in exchange for acceptance into the aristocracy, those who seek this purification must serve the church without question for the rest of their lives.

Acting on the will of the people is the resistance, who above all, believe in equality and toppling the caste system binding their society. The rebellion force believe that to achieve their goals, they must go to great lengths, even if it causes harm to others. Only when equality is accepted throughout Evalin is when true peace can be realized.

Caste System
Impureté - The lowest rung of the caste system. Those born into this caste are more likely to contain the genetic mutation that grants them inhuman abilities. Unfortunately, their mutation has been known to be the most erratic and unpredictable of all the castes. Most impureté live in the slums located in the outermost ring of Evalin and are the subject of the Dactinist's genocidal torment. Impureté are in constant danger and conflict. Those who wish to avoid these dangers must hide within a higher rung and hope not to get caught by the seekers who search for impureté in hiding as well as their supporters.

Moyen - Otherwise known as the middle class. Genetic mutations occurring within this class are more stable than those found among impureté but less common. They are found in small clumps located near and around the outer ring of Evalin. Because of their close proximity to the impureté they have near constant contact with them. This makes them more accepting of the lower class. However, due to the Dactinist's antagonism, those in cahoots with impureté must be secretive about their interactions less they face the dangerous opposition of the church.

Admis - Situated one rung above the moyen are the admis. Because of their ambiguous spot in the caste system, there are those who support the rebellion and those who seek to destroy them. Generally, the church uses admis who support them as trackers who seek out those who consort with the impureté in an effort to slow down the resistance. Those from the admis who make up part of the rebellion force are responsible for most of the funding that helps keep them alive. It is also possible, though rare, for some admis to gain favor of the church to reach the highest rank of puissant if they can gather a sufficient amount of funds. Most admis are located around the central circle of Evalin unless stationed elsewhere as a seeker.

Puissant - Puissants are the highest and most esteemed members of the caste system. They live in the lavish center of Evalin and because of their ever flowing source of money, they have the resources needed to alter their DNA to attain powers and abilities that are most desirable and more stable. Puissants make up a majority of the Church of Dactin and hold the most power and influence in Evalin. Only a few select members of this caste are supporters of the rebellion and those who are face dangers greater than the torment the impureté face on a daily basis.

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Overall Story Information Empty Church of Dactin vs. The Rebellion Force

Post  Mytzie Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:46 am

Ranks of the church include the following:

Overlord - The overlord is the highest ranking member of the church and oversees all church activity.

Parliament - The parliament serves the overlord directly, operating through differing branches with separate duties.
~Dactin Intelligence Agency: oversees the activity of all seekers and provides the information needed to locate and exterminate the impureté. They are also responsible for digging up intelligence on the resistance force to aid in their fight against the rebellion.
~Dactin Army: responsible for the main force that fights to repress the rebellion and exterminate the impureté.
~Dactin Treasury: responsible for money flow and the funding of the church's activities.

Consorts - Consorts have a medium amount of influence within the church. Most seekers are consorts and a small portion of them make up the Dactin Army.

Underlings - Underlings are the lowest rank found in the church and must listen to the commands and wishes of the consorts and above. Most underlings are comprised of those who wished to gain favor of the church or those forced into compliance.

Ranks of the rebellion force are comprised of the following:

Leaders - The leaders of the rebellion are responsible for most of the strategic reasoning behind their tactics and keep the force motivated.

Tacticians - Tacticians aid the leaders in their planning using information provided by spies and informants.

Spies - Spies are generally admis that relay whatever information they can about the church and their movements. Occasionally, a puissant will take on the role as a spy (if not as a simple informant).

Soldiers - Soldiers are the main fighting force working towards the destruction of the oppressive caste system.

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Overall Story Information Empty Xanderphin

Post  Mytzie Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:06 am

Xanderphin is a highly addictive drug found throughout the city of Evalin.

The immediate effects of the drug include:
~Feelings of euphoria
~Mild yet pleasant hallucinations
~Outer body sensations
~Impaired judgement and motor functions

The short term side effects include:
~Sporadic violent behavior
~Loss of memory
~Feelings of depression

The long term side effects include:
~Brain damage ranging from moderate to severe
~Inability to manage one's emotions

The symptoms of withdrawal include:
~Erratic, unpredictable behavior
~Inability to "get by" without the drug (heavy dependency)
~Self mutilation and attempts at suicide

The drug is sold throughout the impureté and moyen districts by dealers wishing to take advantage of those who feel they need something to help them cope with the pain they suffer by the Dactinist's hands. It is also theorized that there are a group of Dactinists who partake in the selling and usage of the drug but it has yet to be confirmed.


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